[mythtv-users] native resolution vs 1080i for HDTV and SD on 1280x768 lcd?

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 12:57:10 EST 2005

On Thursday 17 November 2005 12:30, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Steve Adeff wrote:
> >Yes, always when possible. ie. my HDTV converts everything to 1080i but I
> >can't find a DVI 1080i modeline that will work with my geforce so I'm
> > forced to output at 720p, I might eventually get a newer geforce with an
> > HDTV output chip and use that, I'll prbly end up buying a new TV before
> > that happens though.
> CRT?  If not, converting everything to 1080i doesn't make any sense at
> all.  If it's a 720p TV, then converting a 720p signal to 1080i (i.e.
> upscaling and interlacing it) and then downscaling and deinterlacing for
> display is just plain wrong.  If it's a 1080p TV, it should upscale 720p
> content to 1080p and deinterlace 1080i content to 1080p.

My CRT is 1080i native but there is no working modeline that will drive it at 
1080i(confirmed by many people on the internet looking for the same thing). 
It will accept 720p via a modeline though, so i use that, granted the HDTV is 
internally scaling it to 1080i...

So I could 
A) buy a video card with an HDTV output chip and use that
B) buy a new HDTV. I'm looking to get a projector anyway and since the HDTV is 
one of those cheap Sanyo's Walmart had on sale a while back I'm not attached 
to it in any way.

> OK.  Maybe a plasma--I don't know anything about them except that their
> resolutions are usually neither 720p or 1080p and don't know anything
> about refresh...

and they usually suck. no offense to anyone that might have them, but I've 
never read anything good about them in the Home Theatre mag that would make 
me want one over an LCD or DLP rear projection TV, and their more expensive.


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