[mythtv-users] PS2 connected to a PVR 350

Jeff Simpson llcooljeff at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 12:05:38 EST 2005

> Since he's using VGA for Myth, he doesn't even need the S-Video
> switch--just a long S-Video cable. BTW, a good S-Video cable can go 50'
> (16m) without any problems.
> However, I definitely agree that taking the PS2 through the encoder card
> is a waste. Even if you get passthrough working in ivtv, you'll still
> have to get it working in Myth (which doesn't have any support for
> passthrough) or--more appropriately--in xawtv.

I just found a command for ivtv to enable low-overhead passthrough directly
on the card:


So if the projector has an svideo input, that's how you could do it, just
have the svideo
output of the pvr go to the projector, and use that passthrough command pass
the video.

But if you're running an svideo cable all the way up to the projector
anyway, why not just
plug the game console into that directly? I can only assume that you don't
have an svideo
input on the projector, or you would have just used that from the get-go
instead of an
svideo converter.

- jeff
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