[mythtv-users] Hardware recommended?

Jeff Simpson llcooljeff at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 11:57:23 EST 2005

> In any event, with the Silverstone case, you should go for the PVR500 to
> get 2 tuners on one card. If HDTV is not an issue, but good output to a TV
> is, then lots of people are happy with the PVR350 for output.

If you want to use things like mame, and downloaded video, I would suggest
*against* the PVR-350. Support for X on the 350 is lacking at best. It looks
beautiful when viewing TV and TV recordings, but the X output is using
so even with XV working, it's slow and difficult to make happy. You'll be
best off with
svideo out on an nForce motherboard, or an nvidia based agp card. So for
recording TV,
get a hauppauge 150 or 500 (spring for the 500 if you think you'll ever want
two inputs,
especially since you're limited on cardslots). The 250 is a possibility as
well, but it's
effectively the same as the 150, but costs more.

- Jeff
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