[mythtv-users] LiveTV Broken or Bad Permissions?

Tom E. Craddock Jr. sigtom at sigtom.com
Wed Nov 16 17:14:57 EST 2005

Steve Adeff wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 November 2005 14:01, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>Paul Wheeler wrote:
>>>I think the main reason a lot of people are using svn is the lack of a
>>>recent release, he last release was about 9 months ago!!!! I always
>>>stuck to the latest release version but using dvb in the uk with a
>>>deaf housemate I was practically forced to use svn to get myth to work
>>>properly and have subtitles. I know there was meant to be more
>>>planning of intermediate releases (bug fix releases) however it just
>>>simply wasnt working. IMHO I cant see a release hasnt been done a
>>>while ago. The jumps in development are huge. I am sure a more regular
>>>release schedule will help one of the main problems myth has which is
>>>its stability. By regular releases more bugs will be found and can be
>>>fixed better. I do understand that myth is a young project and that it
>>>is still in fairly heavy development but 9 months between releases
>>>when the svn changelog is so active just isnt right.
>>OK.  But even so, this does not mean that users who wouldn't normally
>>use SVN are exempt from the responsibilities expected of *anyone* using
>>SVN--i.e. reading and keeping up with the -dev and -commits lists...
>>Just my $0.02.
> Show me where onthe SVN page it says to read and keep up with the lists? 
> As well, in the documentation, while it mentions you should join the lists, it 
> does not say anything about how to search the lists (ie gossamer) to see what 
> the current state of SVN is in.
> I don't know where else there is with official Myth Documentation that talks 
> about SVN, but I'll assume theres nothing there. Maybe a little clarification 
> in the documentation (but apparently NOT on the SVN page itself) should talk 
> about this stuff.
> Steve

I think its one of those, if you are going to venture into the deep end 
of the waters, you should know how to swim things....If your going to go 
and use SVN, then you should at least know how to use it, ie know how to 
read up on the changelog/commit lists/dev lists.  I was never TOLD that 
myself, if just makes a hell of alot of sense to me that way.  If I want 
to use something, esp code thats actively being developed, then Id want 
to know whats going on with that code...the only way to know that is to 
either talk to the dev themselves (dev list is for that) or read their 
thoughts (commit list and trac for that).


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