[mythtv-users] Re: Hauppauge PVR-250 and PCHDTV-3000 with2.6.14.2kernel

James C. Dastrup jc at dastrup.com
Wed Nov 16 13:37:33 EST 2005

>>So are you saying that the PCHDTV-3000 will not work with the 150 or 500
>>cards? I currently have that as my hardware setup and was looking to
>>setup the PCHDTV-3000 within the next few weeks. Now I'm not sure if it
>>is worth the effort. I don't want to break what I have, my wife wont
>>forgive me if I do that.
>I have a HD-3000 and PVR-150 working just fine together.
>Kernel DVB drivers (2.6.13) for the HD-3000 (module cx88-dvb)
>ivtv 0.3.7 for the 150.
>Ignoring the ivtv instructions, I didn't not replace or overwrite any files,
>or do anything except a simple compile and install.
>As long as I load the 150 first, the cx88-dvb driver loads just fine.

>Could you post your modprobe.conf file, and quickly explain how you are
>feeding the cards (cable/antenna etc) and how you handle your Guide
>I'm having problems in these areas.
I did not modify modprobe.conf at all.  I'm using the default  that came
with SUSE 9.3.  I don't see anything in there related to ivtv. I can still 
post it if you want.
HD-3000 is picking up digital Over the Air (SLC, UT area)
PVR-150 is using the S-Video Input from a Dish 301
If you're using the 2.6.12+ kernel, you should be able to get the HD-3000
working without any extra mods, patches or anything - the kernel fully
supports it.
I installed and configured the HD-3000 first.  Getting the channels configured
was a little strange. I first use the MythTV channel scan feature.  It worked great.
But then pulling in the listing from zap2it had some problems - it created
duplicate channels for everything. To fix it, I modify the MySQL channels table
directly by copying the XMLTVID from the Zap2It records to the scanned records,
and then deleted the Zap2It channel records. mythfilldatabase works fine.
Adding the PVR-150 to MythTV was pretty straightforward, Zap2It worked fine.

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