[mythtv-users] Trouble getting Fedora?

Chris Trown ctrown at safe-mail.net
Wed Nov 16 12:04:57 EST 2005

Blake wrote:
> Hey, guys,
>     I decided to give up on KnoppMyth (for reasons discussed earlier) 
> and try  FC4 with Jaro(e?)d's guide, but I'm having a helluvatime 
> getting an FC4  that passes the media test. I've donwloaded the discs 
> via BitTorrent, then  FTPed them from Fedora, and I'm getting discs that 
> look good, that  boot--the torrent one even installs beautifully*--but 
> that when FC checks  them, says they don't pass the media check. I just 
> cracked open a new  stack of TDK CDs, and still got the media check 
> failure. I've used at  least two different CD burners--one CD, one DVD, 
> actually.
>     I don't know what the deal is. I'm using a CD Burner XP Pro to burn 
> the  ISO images, which I've never had trouble with before. I used it 
> for  Knoppmyth for example, with no problem, and Knoppix. Though, I 
> didn't do  any media checks, I just booted them and they worked. (Well, 
> not  KnoppMyth, but it didn't fail to install, just didn't do what I 
> wanted  after the installation.)
>     I'm really at a loss, here. Short of going down and buying FC4 from 
> the  store.
> * You might say, "Why do you care?" But I don't want to invest the time 
> in  trying to make Myth work if I'm screwed from the start because I've 
> got a  bad FC image.

      I would start by making sure that the images you are downloading 
are not currupt  Check the MD5 sums of the image vs. what Fedora 
publishes.  On Linux, use md5sum.  On windows, I use a utility called 
Hashcalc from SlavaSoft.


      Once you know that you have good images, then you can focus on 
getting the CDs burned correctly.  Others more knowledgeable than I will 
no doubt comment on that here.


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