[mythtv-users] Air2PC HD5000 not working

Len Reed crunchyfrog at charter.net
Wed Nov 16 11:41:45 EST 2005

I'm not getting far setting up my new Air2PC HD5000.  I've been to a lot 
sites, but I'm having trouble separating out the information on 2.4 
kernels, old air2pc cards, satellite and European formats, etc., etc. 
I'm an experienced mythtv user (I have a separate two PVR-250 system 
with multiple front ends).

If there's a step-by-step howto, please point me at it.  If not, I'm 
going to post one after I get through this.

I'd like to try both QAM (with my cable) and ATSC over-the-air, but I'm 
not getting basic functionality yet.

new HD5000 (got it last week from cyberestore)
Fedora core 3, fully up to dated
www.kernel.org plus 2391_patch (*)

(*) patch is relative to 2.6.14.  The patch adds the card to the tables, 
considerable changes to the lgdt3303 code.

I can see the card with lscpi, but I can't do anything with it.  It says 
"00:0e.0 Network controller: Techsan Electronics Co Ltd B2C2 FlexCopII 
DVB chip / Technisat SkyStar2 DVB card (rev 02)".

dmesg doesn't show anything after I load the modules, which can't be good...


1. I see references to the "dvb-kernel" but strong indications that that 
code has now been incorporated into the standard kernel.  Is standard plus that patch enough or do I need a bunch more patches?  If 
not, what patches do I need?

1. Is there any firmware that has to be loaded to the card?  I didn't 
see anything on the supplied CD-ROM.

2. What modules need to be compiled and loaded?  I loaded everything 
everything in kernel/drivers/media: v4l2-common, videodev, v4l1-compat, 
lgdt330x, dvb-pll, and dvb-core.

3. Do I need to set any options for these modules?

4. Do I need to create any device files?  I did a bunch of mknods in 
/dev/dvb/adapter0 (audio0, ca0, video, etc.), but I don't know if 
they're needed.  They're all major device 212.

5. In mythtv-setup, do I want to select pcHDTV DTV card or DVB DTV 
capture card (v3.x)?  The latter seems more promising, but I get 
"Frontend ID: Could not open card #0!"  Neither works.

6. Is there a simple application that can stand in for mythtv while I'm 
trying to get basic card functionality working?  (I don't want to load 
and configure all of KDE for such a purpose.)  Really, being able to cat 
mpeg2 A+V from a device file to a disk file and then playing it with 
mplayer would suffice, but I'm going to have to be able to tune the card.

Thank you for any help or hyperlinks that you can provide.


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