[mythtv-users] $20 tuner at CompUSA

Paul V. Gratz pgratz at gratz1.com
Tue Nov 15 13:38:03 EST 2005

You could always buy it, see if it works with linux and if not return it.  
Worst case you are out $20 if they wont let you return it...

On Tuesday 15 November 2005 11:08 am, mythtv.t.wuuza at xoxy.net wrote:
> >> 12G per hour? 4G per 20 minutes?
> >>  Holie!
> >
> > Sounds like uncompressed recording... $20 seems like a good deal, but
> > you're better off springing a little more for a 150, in my opinion. Save
> > yourself the hassle in the long run.
> I have a 150 now, and yeah it's great.  Perhaps the quoted filesize is
> incorrect? I was thinking either:
> A. Good second tuner for that occasional time when I need to record two
> shows at
> once (until I get a HD card)
> B. Cheap remote for a frontend, especially if the remote is USB and
> doesn't need
> the card installed, but either way it is cheap.
> One concern is that for now I would need the recordings viewable on my
> MVP.  But
> you're right - I was thinking about getting another 150 anyway (MCE so I
> could get radio).
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