[mythtv-users] RE: problem..can not login as a user

Devan Lippman devan.lippman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 13:23:57 EST 2005

On 11/15/05, Nada De nada <marromzinho02 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thank for the advice
>   but how can I find out in which file my recordings are so I can delete
> them... i thought that they were being stored on dev/hda5/ but clearl they
> are not sincey my dev/hda2 partition is full and that does let me log in as
> user.... is there a way that i can search for files by date and time so I
> can try to guess which one have the movies that I recorded and delet them
> i would try using the command that you suggest to try to start mysql... it
> will be nice to be able to tun mythbackend or fronend as root
> I also have another problem now... i rebooted the comp and now it doesn;t
> even start... its frozen in the part that says "Initializing hardware.......
> storage network"..... some one suggested to use Partitionmagic to try to
> change partitions and maybe be able to login as user and delete my
> recordings
>   Thanks
> *pete <grooveloop7 at yahoo.com>* wrote:
>  you could probably even keep your recordings. move them onto /dev/hda5
> and
> symlink them back to their original locations on /dev/hda2. make sure you
> enable the config option in the frontend to follow symlinks when deleting
> recordings, though. then go into your mysql data directory as root and run
> myisamchk -f *.ISM (i think that's right check the manpage for myisamchk
> to be
> sure) to hopefully fix any corrupted database tables - do that with the
> backend
> shutdown if it managed to start. then reboot and see if it comes up
> cleanly
> and starts everything.... If that doesn't work, just delete the recordings
> and then in mysql you can "delete from recorded where recordid>0" or
> similar to
> clear out that table. that should get you up and running, too.
> before you do ANYTHING else though, do a mysqldump of the mythconverg
> database onto /dev/hda5 so you can restore anything if it gets hosed...
>    > I can log in as root but I am not being able to run mythtv because
> Mysql is
> >not working for some reason and i can not get it to start.....
> > Is there anyway that I can go and delete the movies that were recorded
> so I
> >can log in as a use... or what can I do to fix this problem. ( i checked
> using
> >Kdiskfree and my dev/hda2 is full while I have a lot of free space on
> dev/hda5)
> good luck,
> pete
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 sounds like mysql binary logs might be full. Stop myth. Backup mythconverg
to another partition as suggested. Then log into the mysql client and run
"reset master;" to clear your binary logs. Understand that you may also have
to repair some tables. If mysql takes a long time to process the reset you
may have to try clearing a small amount of space on the partition first.
This is of course assuming that mysql is running on hda2. mythtv-setup or
even the information page on the frontend should tell you where recordings
are being stored.

Devan Lippman <devan at lippman dot net>
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