[mythtv-users] imported nuv choppy and no audio

Paul Fielding paul at fielding.ca
Tue Nov 15 00:39:41 EST 2005

Further to my last message, I'm starting to suspect that the problem may be in formats and horsepower.   The new box that I'm importing to is a HushPC SP13000 MB.   Could it be that the transcoded nuv files I'm importing are, since they've been transcoded, in a format that the PVR 350 cannot use hardware playback for?   I've fixed the audio now (I had a mixer setting set bad).  This tells me that the PVR card is not doing the decoding (?)

The possible downside to this is that I'm suspecting that the SP13000 is not powerful enough to munge out the video if it doesn't have hardware decoding to work with.   Could that really be the case?  I was under the impression that a ~1Ghz box should be able to do regular playback without much difficulty.... *shrug*....


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  So after setting up a new mythtv box, I wanted to import a bunch of recordings from another box.  I used nuvexport to export the nuv files with sql database entries, copied them to the new mythtv, and ran (as root) mysql mythconverg <filename.sql>.

  The recordings appear in the database and I can play the files.  However, are *extremely* choppy and have no audio.

  The old mythtv box did have auto-transcoding set to reduce the filesize of the recordings to roughly 1GB, while on the new box I haven't touched any transcoding settings yet.   I'm wondering if this is having an effect, even though I'm not sure why.

  Any ideas?




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