[mythtv-users] Libmpeg and weird colors

Robert Lundy robert.lundy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 20:27:23 EST 2005

Have been suprised with how well my P4M 1.6ghz laptop has been doing as a
frontend, considering its got ATI graphics, meaning no xvmc. Compared to my
AMD athlon 3200, which plays HD choppily without xvmc, the results have been
awesome. Why are these intel chips so much better?

Anyway, to get the smooth(er) playback, I started using libmpeg-but the
colors are almost like a negative-people are green, pizza looked blue.

Is this typical behavior? I'm thinking its reading something strange about
the colorspace. Video is the Radeon mobility M300 PCIe in a Dell inspiron
9300, using the newest ATI proprietary driver (released 11/11/05?).
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