[mythtv-users] I want to use myth TV, with 5 computers with no live TV - *YET*

Angel Gabriel angelisonline at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 14:04:39 EST 2005

Okay, I have a problem.... well, no i don't actually have a problem,
i'd rather term it a lack of knowledge.

I have 5 machines avalible to me - 2 macs, both G5 flat screens..
*real sexy* with the ability to both plug into my nice big fat PA
system... *yes, I have a PA system, because I'm a DJ, and I like to
hear real bass when watching TV* for sound, and look good from a
distance playing DVD's - and three PC's all with 14G hard drives, and
lots of my TV shows on them.

I don't want to watch live TV - I'm thinking of buying a power house
machine specifically for that after christmas - but i do want to be
able to connect to a central database, and pick whatever show i want
to watch, regarless of what machine it resides on.

I'm thinking that maybe, I should install the minimum needed to get
myth install on a seriously stripped down debian install. Then only
install the backend parts of mythtv, on all three PC's.

I'm hoping that it's possible to configure one master backend machine,
and other *slave* backend machines, which allow me to access all my
films seemlessly - If this is possible, I will be SO greatful if
someone could point me in the right direction.

I will run front ends on the macs and my xbox.

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