[mythtv-users] Attractive cases and cheap DVD burners

R. Geoffrey Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Nov 14 12:10:29 EST 2005

On Sun, 13 Nov 2005 06:18:58 -0800, tgate wrote:

>> I have a PVR500 and pcHDTV card on my SP13000 mb in a LC-11M.
>> Very slick and very very quiet.

>By quiet, how sensitive are you to noise?  I ask because I recently  
>bought a Ahanix D5 which is driving my girlfriend and I crazy with  
>the refrigerator noise.

I don't know what you mean by 'refrigerator noise'. Regarding my
Silverstone LC11M, when I say quiet I mean quiet.

I had it recording while watching TV on VCR with my wife. When I stopped
the tape and muted the TV to go change the tape, the dog woke up, and
stopped snoring, we became aware that the hard drive was going 'tick tick
tick' as it did a seek and write to tv. THAT WAS ALL. I live in a very
quite neighbourhood so background noise is not an issue. We were
completely unaware of that noise prior to then. My wife wasn't even aware
that the computer was doing anything although I think she was aware that
it was on, because of the blue power-on LED.

This case only exhibits the slightest fan noise as it arrives in the box.
I changed the 80mm side fan to a Silenx model and that killed even that
noise source... When you can hear the hard drive as the loudest sound, you
have a very quiet case!

As noted, my Plextor DVDRW is noisier that that when running..

>I've even disconnected one of the fans, and replaced the other with a  
>thermal control variety fan (which I'm not sure works).  I'm at the  
>point of looking for another alternative but I'm not yet to where I  
>want to attempt separate front and back ends. 

If you have that much problem with noise sensitivity then separate front
and back ends seems the only way to go... Surf over to silent-pc and take
a look at some of the 'big box but silent box efforts' which others have
made.. Not a chance in hell that they will look good next to the TV, but
then you can have a frontend case which *is* silent if you need not care
what the backend looks like (or sounds like for that matter).

> I have 2 HD5000 cards  
>which, I think might fit, as well as a Gforce 6600 card which seems  
>like it might work with the riser.  Is the LCD functioning for you?

A Via SP13000 can only use 2 PCI cards on the riser in this case. And you
need the VIA-made PCI riser plus a flexible PCI extension to make it
work... but it does work.

HOWEVER, if you have a mini-ATX motherboard, then you can have an AGP card
and 2 PCI cards in it, with the riser card which comes with the case.

The LCD (or VFD actually) is working fine for me using lcdproc. I haven't
tried using mythlcd yet. I've been more interested in running lcdproc to
see the CPU usage.

Bottom line, I am very happy with this case.



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