[mythtv-users] Myth and a DEC2000

Andrew Wilson migmog at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 06:01:47 EST 2005

Here's my understanding of what's going on. Note that this could all
be wrong - someone please correct me if it is :-)

tv_grab_dvb only populates the program listings, not the channel info
required to tune the box to a TV station. I have this on my system
(and it works fine)  but only because I got it up and going before
this stuff was implemented in myth itself - look for "EIT" stuff ==
event information table, ie program listings.

However, this is stage 2... you still need to get to stage 1: tune to
a tv signal... :-)

I'm pretty sure there is an option in the the myth setup program to
import a working channels.conf into the database. After this, you will
need to tweak the database to get the listings - xmltvid needs set -

If you've not yet installed phpMyAdmin, now would be a good time to do
so :-) It makes working with the database 10 times easier.

good luck

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