[mythtv-users] Attractive cases

Stephen Boddy stephen.boddy at btinternet.com
Sun Nov 13 21:06:09 EST 2005

On Saturday 12 November 2005 22:11, Nathan Allen Stratton wrote:
> > >I think the advantages of the Silverstone cases is they have so
> > >many options when it comes to size, expansion, and looks. For
> > >example, Silverstone offers the only HT-style case I found that
> > >supports 3 full-height expansion slots (1xAGP, 2xPCI) in a low-profile
> > >design, such as the LC-11M, which is also very quiet.
> > >Not everyone wants those boxy-like Shuttle cases, or the
> > >full-size monster PC cases, like the Aristec HT-400 with 6+ expansion
> > >slots in their home-theater.
> Anyone know if you can drive the display of the SilverStone LC10M in
> linux?
> -nathan

Yes you can. I have the LC14M (same equipment, just a different fascia.) These 
cases come with an iMon VFD and IR remote. Check out Venky's site for all the 
info you need to get these to work under Linux.


One thing to be aware of with this remote/receiver combo is that it uses a 
different IR protocol compared to pretty much anything else out there. RG6 
vs. RG5 or something like that. If I recall it means that the remote and 
receiver communicate much quicker. So for example, you can't replace the 
remote with a whizz bang back-lit universal. As the iMon remote is not 
back-lit, I consider it a bit of a dud remote for a home theatre PC.
Steve Boddy

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