[mythtv-users] Current State of CentOS Support

Tor Arne Rein tarein at online.no
Sun Nov 13 21:04:59 EST 2005


On Sun, 2005-11-13 at 15:34 -0500, Michael Starks wrote:
> I am considering moving from Fedora Core 2 to Centos 4, since we already
> use Red Hat Enterprise at work and that's what I'm most familiar with. 
> I prefer RPM over source installs.  Anyone running successfully on
> CentOS 4?  
I reinstalled/upgraded my system from FC2 to Centos 4 a few weeks ago,
no problems so far. Followed the Fedora Howto from jarod (with a few

> Are atRPMs for CentOS 4 about as timely as support for
> Fedora?
At least at the same level as Fedora so far.

>   How about ivtv drivers.  Any issues there?  
The ivtv driver rpms worked fine for capturing. I had some problems with
with ivtv-fb driver, but I didnt get ivtv-fb to work well when I
compiled it myself either in then end. So I continued to use nvidia for
tv-out (also with drivers from atrpms) .

Also, the lirc rpms didn't include the imon drivers, if you have
hardware for that and want to use it over the Hauppage remote.

Tor Arne

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