[mythtv-users] Thoughts on HDTV-capable frontend

Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 20:38:06 EST 2005

Thoughts on video over wireless...

You are going to need near ideal conditions to get DVD quality MPEG-2 over
802.11g. Given that you need to use a wireless connection in the first
place, it seems unlikely that you have those ideal conditions.

Also consider that you will likely lose your picture whenever a microwave is
in use nearby.

As far as HDTV over 802.11g is concerned, assuming a data rate of around
8GB/hr, (on the low side, I believe) you would need to push about 18mb/s of
data out to the frontend. I don't believe you can reasonaby expect to do
that with 802.11g.

On 11/13/05, Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 13 November 2005 13:26, Joseph Wilkicki wrote:
> > Hi all!
> >
> > I've finally got the budget to move on to the next phase of my MythTV
> plan.
> > At this point, I have an Opteron 146 with 1GB of RAM and a 1 TB RAID
> array
> > for my backend. My next steps are: putting in Tuner cards and creating a
> > frontend. At this point, I have non-digital cable, since that seems to
> be
> > the easiest to record without a fancy setup (IR blaster, firewire, etc).
> > Eventually, I think I would like to move to digital cable with HD. So my
> > first question is: should I be looking at a PVR-250 to start with or
> bump
> > up to a pchdtv3000? Any thoughts on the Air2PC HD card? I know I don't
> need
> > the PVR-350, since the backend will be headless.
> You'll probably want one HDTV tuner for the OTA HD channels (Even if you
> actually pick them up via the cable line). I got a HD-3000 card and find
> it
> is better at receiving the HD channels than my cablebox over firewire, i
> think cause the cablebox has an inferior tuner... its just too finicky
> compared to the 3000...
> Most people here seem to think the PVR-150 has better quality than the
> 250.
> Tther than that I don't really know the difference. I got the 150, it was
> cheap, and has a FM tuner.
> As for the digital cable box, depending on what you get, you might be able
> to
> use firewire, you might be able to receive a bunch of stations over
> firewire,
> none, or a limited number (due to the 5C "encryption").
> I have a DCT-6200 but since I get very few channels via firewire I'm
> connecting it to my PVR150(no perceptable video quality loss for non-HD
> channels as well!) and *trying* to use firewire to change the channels
> (works
> from my laptop, not from my new myth computer...).
> Steve
> >
> > For the frontend, I'm a little more confused. My plan is to rip a large
> > portion of my DVD library to the RAID array. I want MPEG4 with AC3 audio
> as
> > the encoding format. I want to display it with component video cables on
> my
> > widescreen. I also want to be able to display HD eventually. I see two
> > basic routes. The first is to go with the new EPIA with the on-board
> > decoder and MPEG4 accelerator, but I'm not sure if it does component
> out.
> > It would be quiet and small though.
> >
> > The other option is: use a NVidia card with native component out
> support,
> > and a Micro-ATX footprint. If I go that route, what do people recommend
> for
> > processor and memory requirements for possible HD decoding, given that
> the
> > NVidia card will probably accelerate this? Is it worth it to put another
> > tuner card in the frontend for channel surfing? What about system and
> fan
> > noise? Can anyone recommend parts that are quiet? I'm especially
> concerned
> > about a decent case. I'm also going to be using 802.11G between the
> backend
> > and frontend, due to physical restrictions. Any thoughts on video over
> > wireless, especially MPEG2 and MPEG4? There is no wife factor, but a
> > borged-looking entertainment center will probably drive any potential
> > wife-factors away. :-)
> >
> > I know it is a lot of questions; any thoughts on any part of the above
> > would be useful. I've been researching this off and on for about three
> > years, and my head is full of trade-offs at this point. Maybe someone
> can
> > talk about how they got started and what the upgrade path looked like.
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