[mythtv-users] No Audio on PVR-350 but available when 350notselected

Paul Fielding paul at fielding.ca
Sun Nov 13 19:08:16 EST 2005

Yup, it appears to be mixer settings - If I bypass the soundcard I heard sound just fine.  Funny, my last to Knoppmyth installs I didn't have this problem.    I'm confident the sound works on the MB (EPIA SP13000) since audio worked when I wasn't using the 350 hardware decoding.

I'll do some digging, but in the meantime anyone have any suggestions out of the gate on how to check that the line-in is enabled on the MB?  Though I've dabbled in Debian for years, I've never ever bothered with sound until now....



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  On Wednesday 09 November 2005 10:54 pm, Paul Fielding wrote:
  > Hmmm.... I'm using KnoppMyth R5V22  (or do I have that backwards?), with
  > updated ivtv drivers.   Didn't fix. :(  Still really choppy (like 2
  > frames/sec) with audio if I don't use the 350 Enabled settings,  Clean
  > playback but no audio with the setting enabled.
  > I'm using a HushPC with it's built-in audio.  I'm starting to wonder the
  > following:
  > - perhaps the audio out on the 350 isn't working properly at all, and when
  > I have the 350 hardware playback disable the audio is being generated by
  > the sound card?  But when enabling 350 playback the audio isn't leaving the
  > card, therefore even though it's looped back to the sound card I'm not
  > hearing anything?  (The audio out is looped through what I believe to be
  > the line In on the motherboard) - Perhaps I have the Line In on the
  > motherboard all wrong?  Or is there a setting somewhere to check if it's
  > enabled or not?  (though i've diddled in Linux for years, I've never really
  > messed with audio, haven't needed it).

  Easiest way to find out if the audio-out from the 350 is working, is to plug 
  it directly into a speaker :)   then at least you'll know if its a problem 
  with the 350's audio output, or a problem with your sound cards input (mixer 



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