[mythtv-users] patch to mute joystick events while mythgame is exec'ing a rom?

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Sun Nov 13 02:37:22 EST 2005

On Sunday 13 November 2005 12:00 am, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Hello,
> Last night I recompiled MythTV-0.18.1 with joystick
> support so I could use my wireless X-Box controller
> as a remote when I'm not playing games.
> I soon realized that this causes a problem:
> When a ROM is executing (snes9x in this case), MythTV
> continues to read joystick events. So when the ROM is
> exited all of the events that have been queued up are
> played back. Usually this means that additional ROMs
> are executed. Exiting them brings on more. And it just
> continues until all of the joystick events are consumed.
> I've been reading the code, and it looks like a Mute
> Event can be sent. Does anyone have a patch that sends
> a joystick mute event from MythGame before a ROM is
> executed?

I *think* I've solved this bug with the attached patch.
The only problem is that MythTV doesn't install the
mythtv/jsmenuevent.h header by default, so anyone wanting
to give this patch a try will need to copy the header from
the source tar.gz to the proper place on their system before

I'll try to remember to submit a bug report on this in
the morning.

Jesse Guardiani
Programmer/Sys Admin
jesse at wingnet.net
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