[mythtv-users] No sound with DVD playback

Bennett Leve bleve at nightmare.com
Sat Nov 12 19:04:41 EST 2005


Thanks, that explains it very well.  I need to work on the xine thing.  
It is very choppy and I have not figured out how to correct it yet. 


Michael T. Dean wrote:

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> (worded for all you movies-on-4:3-TV's buffs out there)
> Bennett Leve wrote:
>> Joe Votour wrote:
>>> --- Bennett Leve <bleve at nightmare.com> wrote:
>>>> I am using mplayer to play DVDs via mythtv.  If I
>>>> plug headphones into my soundcard out, I can hear the sound from 
>>>> the DVD.
>>>> For mythtv though I am using the sound out on my PVR-350 which works
>>>> great.
>>>> Shouldn't I be able to take a mini-stereo plug from
>>>> my sound out and put it on the line-in on the PVR-350?  When I do 
>>>> this, I
>>>> have no sound.  Maybe there is something that needs to be
>>>> configured, but not sure what. 
>>> Connect the audio out on your PVR-350 to the Line-in
>>> on your sound card.  Then adjust the volume by
>>> changing the Line-in volume (of your soundcard) with
>>> your favorite mixer program.
>> Not sure what that would accomplish.  The sound-out on the pvr-350 is 
>> already going to my receiver.  I need to get the DVD sound to go to 
>> the PVR-350 so it can then take it into the receiver.
> The audio's not coming out of your PVR-350 because the PVR-350 isn't 
> decoding the DVD.  Therefore, you should route the PVR-350's audio out 
> through your soundcard and route the soundcard to your audio 
> receiver.  Then, when mplayer plays your DVD (although, really, you 
> probably should be using xine for DVD's to get the menu support) and 
> outputs sound through the sound card, you get audio without switching 
> connections.
> If you don't want audio to go through your sound card, you can use an 
> IR transmitter to tell your audoi receiver to switch inputs and waste 
> a remote button on switching inputs and have to remember to switch 
> inputs when appropriate.  Or, you could apply patches to mplayer/xine 
> to support DVD playback through the PVR-350, but the patches introduce 
> some significant issues in sync and you'll get much better results 
> using Xv and your sound card.
> Mike
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