[mythtv-users] Need some help- Watch TV doesn't work with latest FC4 rpms

stevew stevew at ka6s.com
Sat Nov 12 15:26:36 EST 2005

I've been playing for about a week and have a very basic problem. Hopefully 
someone can point me in the right direction.

Configuration: PVR350, NVidia 5200 based card.   2Ghz Pentium.

I've tried following Jarrods Howto - So I've got a 1 week old FC4 install.  I 
get audio and video together when I capture video into a file but the WatchTV 
button switches over to a blank screen and I get about 1 second of audio 
before it too stops.  Then the system is hung and I have to hit Reset to 

I figure I haven't tied the right sources together some place.

I've chosen Tuner0 for the source and tied it to my cable listings?  I'm 
launching mythfrontend after starting up the backend and going straight for 
WatchTV.  I haven't done any more configuration of the setup beyond 

So - what can I provide the list to help debug my issues?


Steve Wilson

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