[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au data source list

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 00:48:54 EST 2005

>   With the recent NineMSN issues, I thought I'd post a link to my
> list of Aus XMLTV data sources.  Diversity is a good thing :).
> http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~willu/xmltv/
>   And if anyone knows of others to add to the list, please let me know.
> Be well,
> Will       :-}

Thanks Will. I did switch to this when things went wrong ealier in the
week with the 9MSN script. I'd like to use your source as my first
choice but at the moment I notice that there's only 4-5 days of data
there whereas we always get 7 days with 9MSN. I posted to your mailing
list and someone replied that there are some issues causing that
outside of your control.

I am going to download your new script, though, because I like the
idea of the conf file being XML. It just doesn't feel right having a
.py file as a conf file somehow! MythTV-ers - you can find it at


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