[mythtv-users] Testing DMA with VIA chipset?

Peter Darley darley at darleyconsulting.com
Fri Nov 11 16:31:59 EST 2005

On Nov 11, 2005, at 2:56 AM, David wrote:

> Robert Winburne wrote:
>> Is there any way to test DMA support? It sounds like the prob may be
>> intermittent??
>> I have read that there are problems with VIA chipsets, and would like
>> to know if I can test this out or if I should just give up before I
>> start and get a new MB.
>> I just bought a cheapy MB (PCCHIPS KT266A M811LU), built a fileserver
>> (w/ Ubuntu 5.04), and would like to turn it into a Myth backend.
>> Hence, my dilemma. Had I only known before I bought…
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Thanks.
> *If* you are using the Hauppage cards (PVR 150/250/350) then "just  
> say no".
> You will save yourself much pain and distress.
> All IMHO
> David


	I recently set up a myth backend on a computer that I had around  
that also had a VIA chipset.  I'm not sure now how to tell exaclty  
what the motherboard is without opening up the box, but when I do an  
lspci, the first line is: "00:00.0 Host bridge: VIA Technologies,  
Inc. VT8378 [KM400/A] Chipset Host Bridge"

	Anyway, I have a PVR-500 in this box, and while I had problems  
getting it set up, none of them had to do with the motherboard; they  
were all kernel issues.

	Doing some reading on this list and through google, I get the  
impression that the problems with the VIA chipset have been fixed in  
newer bios' and that if it's a fairly new mobo, you're probably good  
to go, and if there is a problem a bios flash will probably fix it.

	So, long and short, if you have the hardware sitting around already,  
I'd go ahead and try it, and you'll probably be OK.

	Also, IMHO. :)

Peter Darley

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