[mythtv-users] Proliant server as a backend...

Pete Clarke pete at devilincarnate.eclipse.co.uk
Thu Nov 10 14:28:14 EST 2005

#I'd imagine your electric bill will take quite a jump.

:-) you should see it now..
I have a multitude of machines running - 1 x Proliant 6500 Fileserver, 2 x 
4000 fibre channel enclosures with 24 x 36gb HDD, 1 x Proliant 3000 backup w 
6 x 73gb, 1 DL380 live, internet facing, 1 1850R development, 1 1850R 
mail/dns and about half a dozen Solaris boxen (Ultra 60,10 and 5's)....
Plus the kids computers, my work laptop, the wife's laptop ... various 
switches/routers - it all adds up to a nice warm house!! :-)

#4x73GB isn't that much space.

True, but I have access to 1TG of fibre attached storage, so I can archive 
off if necessary..

#I don't think you need more CPUs, but I might be wrong.  Since it
#looks like you have access to the machine, take it for a test drive...

It's sat under my desk at the moment waiting for me to build it.

#IIRC sound card isn't needed on the backend, unless it is also a front
#end.  My backend has an intergrated one, so I can't be certain.

OK - thanks.

I'll do a test load and see what happens...


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