[mythtv-users] Fast Forward not working properly with PVR-350/ivtv 0.4.0

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 11:18:58 EST 2005

I have the same issue, intermittantly.  Sometimes the FF, RW works 
properly and sometimes it works as you described.  Almost always on the 
first use of the FF function I geet this problem.  Using it again it 
works correctly.  This is just to tell you it's probably not related to 
your pvr 350 or ivti, as I'm using an ATI TV wonder pro with software 
encoding.  Also I'm using myth .17, nowhere near svn.

Daniel Segel wrote:

> I don't know if this is a MythTV or ivtv issue. I'm running a fairly 
> recent svn version of MythTV (with broken Live TV that I don't use 
> anyway), and when I fast forward (or rewind) in a recorded program the 
> video moves along quickly, but the time counter moves at the normal 
> pace (e.g. 1 second per second) and then when I exit Fast Forward it 
> jumps back to the place I started at (or nearby). I *don't* have the 
> option to correct for reaction time enabled.
> Jumping forward or backward works fine; it's only FF and REW that don't.
> I'm using the PVR-350's MPEG decoder, if it matters (xv still doesn't 
> look quite right to me). Are they any settings I should check?
> Daniel
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