[mythtv-users] No Audio on PVR-350 but available when 350 not selected

James Grant topace at lightbox.org
Wed Nov 9 09:58:14 EST 2005

On Wednesday 09 November 2005 1:31 am, Paul Fielding wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm setting up a new MythTV box using a PVR-350 and KnoppMyth, which I've
> had good luck with before.  This time around, however, I'm having audio
> troubles.
> When myth is installed, after setting up ivtv and editing XF86, etc, I can
> get MythTV to come up through my PVR-350 to a TV.   At this point *before*
> selecting "use PVR-350" in the settings,   I can get TV to play audio.  The
> video is choppy as all get-out, I'm assuming because it's not using the
> hardware encoding of the PVR-350 card, but audio works.
> Then, I select the PVR-350 in the settings, and TV becomes smooth as silk,
> no doubt because hardware encoding is involved.  *However*, I no longer get
> audio.   I can revert the setting and get audio back, but with choppy
> video.   I have not changed any other PVR-350 settings from defaults.
> For reference - I've got the audio out from the 350 patched through the
> audio in and out again from the sound card.  Works on my other MythTV
> box....
> Suggestions?
> regards,
> Paul

Choppy video playback:

I had this same problem - it was because XV wasnt enabled... and XV wasnt 
enabled because I was using an old crappy firmware file, once i upgraded to 
the new ivtv firmware, XV worked fine, then playback worked fine...   
(without enabling the 350 TV-Out in the settings)  


James Grant
Lightbox Technologies Inc.

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