[mythtv-users] MySQL 5

Jake Goulding shepmaster at mac.com
Wed Nov 9 01:35:03 EST 2005

 I just updated to MySQL 5 (accidently, almost :-)). Mythfilldatabase now fails, and I tracked it down to this:

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE IF NOT EXISTS dd_schedule ( programid char(12), stationid char(12), scheduletime datetime, duration time, repeat bool, stereo bool, subtitled bool, hdtv bool, closecaptioned BOOL, tvrating char(5), partnumber int, parttotal int, endtime datetime, INDEX progidx (programid) );

The problem is that "repeat" is a reserved keyword by MySQL. I can get around it by quoting it as `repeat`, but not quite sure how to go about getting the changes into the executable. I run gentoo, and I guess I could compile that program by itself.

Any ideas? My guide is empty and I can't record! :-(


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