[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au: ninemsn obfuscating data

Michael Cowell michael at mousewasher.dk
Tue Nov 8 20:16:59 EST 2005

Tj wrote:

> Michael Cowell wrote:
>> Michael Cowell wrote:
>>> I took this patch and adapted it for use with the immir 0.40 tv_grab 
>>> release. 
>> Make that 1.40 (the current version)
> After applying the patch, I got the following error while download 
> Perth FTA channels, any ideas?
> Can't call method "look_down" on an undefined value at ./tv_grab_au 
> line 612, <STDIN> line 9. 

Hmm, not really sure. Sounds like on of the regular expressions is 
matching too much and killing the string. Could you edit the file to 
turn on debug (look for a line that says my $debug = 0 and change it to 
1) and send me the output?

Like I said, this is just a quick hack, and I didn't do much testing.

I'll see if I can help, though.


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