[mythtv-users] Dumb Ethernet Question on Debian

Chris Trown ctrown at safe-mail.net
Mon Nov 7 19:30:07 EST 2005

Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
> cossaboon.mythtv at mac.com wrote:
>> Anyone know how to make this STICK so it is inplace after reboot :(
>> Thanks
>> On Nov 4, 2005, at 2:08 PM, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>>> cossaboon.mythtv at mac.com wrote:
>>>> Where do you set the duplex and speed of your NIC in Debian (or  
>>>> Linux).
>>>> My server is in half duplex (as I have collisions showing in   
>>>> ifconfig) and my through put sucks ((1.2 gig file is taking 60  hours!)
>>>> I can not seem to find this anywhere?
>>>> Thank you in advance.
>>> If it is anything like my redhat system,
>>> man mii-tool
>>> Kevin
> Why don't you check why it is going to half-duplex? This usually 
> indicates a serious problem, as this is the last fall-back of 
> auto-negotiation....
> Problem can range from:
> - faulty switch
> - incorrect switch setting
> - faulty cable
> forcing to full duplex without researching the underlying problem will 
> likely only generate more problems. Also the transmission time you 
> mention is indicating more problems than just duplex mismatch.

      I'll second this.  There was a time when setting the speed/duplex 
was almost required for Cisco switches.  Not sure anymore.  Trying to 
force speed/duplex on an HP switch will cause nothing but problems.

      I say start with everything auto and go from there.


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