[mythtv-users] HD time warp?

Curtis Stanford curtis at stanfordcomputing.com
Mon Nov 7 18:28:43 EST 2005

Hey all, having a few problems with HD and firewire input. The length  
of recorded shows (especially HD) are short. I've watched carefully,  
and the recording starts and ends on time. However, the length is  
always a little short (approximately 10 minutes per hour).

What controls the length shown on the OSD? Why would it be slow? I  
think this is contributing to the choppy playback, especially audio,  
of HD programs. I've tried every combination of oss, ALSA, buffering,  
sync, etc. to fix the choppy audio to no avail.

I'm starting to suspect my DCT-6200 and/or the firewire output. Does  
anyone else see this problem using this setup? I've tried the mpg  
files in mplayer and the problem is different: the video and audio  
are out of sync and gets worse over time.

Any ideas welcome.


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