[mythtv-users] gui border spacing

pete grooveloop7 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 14:35:02 EST 2005

I've been having some issues with the gui in mythfrontend.  Apparently my
screen isn't perfecty rectangular, and the theme widgets are all very close to
the corners of the screen in various menus.  I was wondering if it's possible
to get a 5 - 10 pixel dead space around the outside edges where widgets won't
go.  IE to make the widgets in a 640x480 screen occupy 10,10-630,470, for
example.  This would allow the screen to be oversized a bit to make sure the
background theme image occupies the entirety of the screen but yet things like
"Cancel" and "Next" and window borders would still be completely on-screen. 
Does that make sense?  Is there a setting that controls this or is it
code/theme related?


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