[mythtv-users] remote frontend problems

Cymen Vig cymenvig at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 09:07:18 EST 2005

On 11/6/05, Lonnie Borntreger <myth at borntreger.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-11-05 at 16:25 -0600, Cymen Vig wrote:
> > On 11/5/05, RDMathews <geoflyer at centurytel.net> wrote:
> > > I have a perfectly working install of mythtv on a fc4 machine. I decided
> > > to put a frontend on another fc4 machine and link them wirelessly. the
> > > remote frontend can watch tv, browse the program guide, delete
> > > recordings, program to record etc, but it will not allow me to view a
> > > prerecorded show. mplayer will not run by itself on either machine, it
> > > just freaks out and quits when you try to open it. I can watch the
> > > prerec. shows with totem through an nfs share. I have no clue where to
> > > even begin to troubleshoot this glitch. any help would be appr.
> >
> > Is the directory containing the recorded material mounted on the
> > frontend via NFS to the same place it is mounted on the backend in the
> > file system?
> I'm not sure I understand why NFS, mplayer, and totem even come up for
> watching prerecorded shows on a frontend.  I put the frontend on a
> laptop, told it where the backend was, didn't mount anything, and watch
> prerecorded (and live) shows through MythTV itself - streamed across the
> network from the backend (just like live tv).

So this is supposed to work? I was testing this with the latest
(problematic) KnoppMyth release and found I couldn't watch recorded
shows (recorded by Myth) unless I mounted the directory containing the
records in the same place as the back end server.

For various reasons, I gave up on KnoppMyth after getting a feel for
Myth and went to Gentoo with the ebuild and than the SVN so I'll have
to try a remote front end again.

Thanks for pointing out it *should* work as the documentation is
somewhat unclear -- some hints at NFS so I concluded, when it didn't
work with KnoppMyth, that it was required.

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