[mythtv-users] expansion for my system

Lee mythtv at varga.co.uk
Mon Nov 7 04:21:25 EST 2005


>I'm planning some expansion for my system.  How are multiple DVB cards
>handled on the audio front?  I presume an audio card with multiple
>inputs is required (what sort of input? - I am currently using the
>onboard cd-in) - which sound cards(s) are recommended?
With DVB, the audio is part of the received mpeg data stream, it comes 
out of the DVB card and gets dumped straight to disk. No messing about 
with compressing etc. You only need one audio card that's the one that 
outputs the sound that you listen to. I have two DVB-T cards in my 
Mythbox, and only the onboard Nforce audio,  thats connected via a  
3.5mm jack to the AV amp... Works like a champ!


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