[mythtv-users] Vonage Caller ID and OSD

Norm mlists at dressler.ca
Sun Nov 6 18:53:09 EST 2005

Matt wrote:

>my $filter_str='udp port 5061';
>possibly should be:
>my $filter_str='udp port 10000';
>no promises, just what I could find out from google and vonage-forums.com
>mythtv-users mailing list
>mythtv-users at mythtv.org

I saw that and wasn't 100% certain.  It didn't work so I fired up a 
packet sniffer and realized that my Vonage Router isn't sending out 
anything at all.  Does anyone know if I need to contact Vonage to change 
that or whether I can do it myself?

I have the Linksys router...


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