[mythtv-users] checkboxes in Mythweb not sticking

chris at cpr.homelinux.net chris at cpr.homelinux.net
Sat Nov 5 22:34:09 EST 2005

On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 07:04:50PM -0800, Chris Petersen wrote:
> >I suspect the cookie problem would fix 
> >itself if I specified all of the legal server names in an apache config 
> >file somewhere.
> No, again.  Read the config file.  There's a setting called 
> server_domain that is used for setting up cookie permissions.

FWIW, once I turned on UseCanonicalName and specified a ServerName all 
of the problems went away.  It did the same thing as the cookie server 
domain setting by actually forcing all interaction to come through the 
front door, as it were.  I'll try it your way, too, of course.  
Learning opportunities abound.

>   Thus, if your server_domain is set 
> automatically via what the webserver thinks it is (x.x.x.x in your 
> example), then the cookies will go out being set to ONLY work for 
> x.x.x.x domains).

And yet it worked perfectly for the FQDN access method even though the 
cookie domain would have been set incorrectly since none was specified.

> If you MUST use different names for internal/external, it's time to 
> learn how to use the hosts file (eg. /etc/hosts) and add an alias for 
> your external name to point to the internal IP.

I don't *have* to use different names, but it's a lot easier to type 
"//box/mythweb" when I'm sitting at home.  The reason I originally 
turned off UseCanonicalName was because (1) it forces a redirect to the 
FQDN and therefore requires authenticating twice, and (2) it means 
everything going to the server has to pass through the router twice.  
That's nice, in a way, in that I lose all internal access to the web 
server if the external gateway is broken or the DNS record has expired 
(so I know it's broken).  Faking the FQDN in /etc/hosts makes testing 
the machine via the gateway impossible.

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