[mythtv-users] checkboxes in Mythweb not sticking

chris at cpr.homelinux.net chris at cpr.homelinux.net
Sat Nov 5 18:55:08 EST 2005

On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 03:38:15PM -0400, Rick wrote:
> The Mythweb checkboxes in Scheduled Recordings no longer stick between 
> sessions for me. I don't know whether I've fooled up a setting somewhere 
> but I don't recall doing anything. The last entry in the search window 
> also used to stick but no longer does. Any ideas? I'm running the 0.18.1 
> release on FC3.

Thanks for asking - I'd been having that issue for a long time but 
never bothered to investigate until now.  It turns out that the issue 
is cookies, and both Firefox and IE are affected (and therefore I 
assume others would be as well).  My web server is connected to the 
outside world and therefore has a real domain name.  If I use that 
domain name to access MythWeb (whether from outside or via the local 
LAN) then the authentication and session cookies are both managed 
appropriately and the setting of the "duplicates" check box is 
maintained within and between sessions.  If I access the server using 
the LAN hostname then the authentication cookie still works but the 
session cookie does not, and all of the checkboxes are reinitialized to 
the default (on) position every time I access the scheduled listings 
page.  This is true even if the local hostname is explicitly added to 
the Firefox allow/deny cookies list, which suggests that the cookie is 
being choked by Apache (or php) because the site name in the cookie 
doesn't match the server's name.  FWIW, I have noticed a message in the 
system startup that says "apache2: Could not determine the server's 
fully qualified domain name, using x.x.x.x for ServerName" (with the 
appropriate address inserted).  I suspect the cookie problem would fix 
itself if I specified all of the legal server names in an apache config 
file somewhere.

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