[mythtv-users] Fedora 4 hostname / database question

David Wallace dwallace at landsouth.net
Sat Nov 5 09:06:15 EST 2005

Hi list, I just built a Fedora 4 box using Jarod's guide which way
passed my expectations, it's wonderful.

On Fedora 4, the default hostname gets set to localhost.localdomain I
needed to change this to my real domain/hostname, and did so using the
mtyh howto instructions. 

So in the mysql database localhost.localdomain was changed to
myth.beachside.com which is the fully qualified domain name. Is this
what SHOULD be in the database or should it just be "myth" without the
domain name?

Also, the X11 enviroment variable DISPLAY is getting set to
localhost:10.0 obvious typo I have made somewhere. I have grepped thru
everywhere I can think of looking for where this is set to no avail.
Anyone know where it is set?

Thanks David

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