[mythtv-users] A few comments / ideas on editing MPEG2 material, asynch AV streams and mastering to DVD

Darksoul darksoul71 at gmx.de
Sat Nov 5 03:43:39 EST 2005

Re-hi List,

Ive now some more time to comment on the "feedback" Ive received.

Hmm, to me it is really strange that Ive received only two replies on my
ideas. I really would be willing to support anyone going the "Wine" route
with AVS2YUV based on Komprezz2MPEG. For my understanding AVISynth still
provides much more possibilities for cropping, denoising, etc. than any
other tool available. Unfortunately its currently Windoze only but this will
change with the upcoming AVISynth V3.0

I havent seen any solution under linux which provides the same stuff that
AVISynth does: Filtering, automated cropping, resizing using a diversity of
resizers, de-interlacing, etc.

May be it would be possible to hack together something with similar
functionality in Perl ?

Doing a quality based resize (e.g. a 1% sample encoding in 720x576 of your
movie reveals that you would get a very bad quality for your targeted size.
So the tool drops the resolution down to 352x576 and may be adds a stronger
filter to get a better compressible movie) is something a lot of people
could like.

It makes me smiling from ear to ear if I read comments like the one by Steve

"...videmux has a known issue with mpeg audio syncing. the author, mean, is
looking into a better way to process mpegs to eliminate them..."

Well, how much "looking into" a problem is required if someone has already
solved this ?

Also nice:

"...as for the processing that cutterman seems to do, it does not seem any
different than what ProjectX does, which is Java and already runs in
linux perfectly (because it is Java)..."

Wohaa,...perfectly...because it is Java...great....<lol>

I guess I pretty much burry my idea of doing a "cross platform tool" based
on the Win stuff I already did and some mariage with linux tools using Wine.

May be I am completely wrong but often it seems to me that there are still
quite some linux users which seem to have some kind of allergic reaction
when they hear a word like Windows. The same goes for Windows users with any
word with the letters "u", "n", "i" and "x" in it such as Linux, Unix, etc.

Personally Im not very choosy. I use whatever drives my boat. I dont care
if Linux, Windows or Mac OS as long as it works. If Windows has it and Linux
not, then why not grab it from the other OS :o)

..but may be that is just the very limited opinion of a Windoze user !

May be Ill do some experiments and post my results with Wine, AVISynth and
AVS2YUV in the list. Time will show...

Cheerio for so long,


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