[mythtv-users] manual scheduling -> "no upcoming recordings"

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Fri Nov 4 22:21:53 EST 2005

    Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 22:06:32 -0500
    From: Isaac Richards <ijr at case.edu>

    You got 'burned' because you didn't even _look_ at the capture card list after 
    setting up any of your cards.  All the device paths that have been setup are 
    on that list.  They're also in the input connections list.  You didn't 
    notice, is all.

I -did- look.  I failed to notice what was going on, especially since
there are lots of 0's that are correct---just not those /dev/video0's.

As I've said before, you're too close to realize that there's a whole
lot of information whizzing by in this interface, and that -you-, as an
expert, know exactly where to direct your attention to avoid problems.
On the other hand, I, as nonexpert, did not.

    Ok, I'll dare.  In some cases (if you wanted to setup the analog + hd parts of 
    a hdX000, which doesn't quite work right yet), duplicate paths could be 
    right.  I see no reason to disallow this.

Okay, then do you see no reason to have it put up a big fat warning
saying, "You're probably doing the wrong thing!  Are you sure?"  That
was my original suggestion, if you'll recall.  That -one- check would
have saved me a week of work, and (as it turns out) the list several
10's of K of messages talking about the whole thing.

So far, though, you say that (in some future situation which doesn't
even work yet) this should be allowed.  Meanwhile, people right now
have been screwed by the current situation.  Seems to me that you
should make the common mistake difficult, at the risk of making the
unlikely future action require one additional keystroke.

    And I've gotten confirmation from a couple dozen people that you're off your 
    rocker.  Goes both ways.

Sure does.  Let's trade more numbers.  It's fun.

    Sure, there are useability problems.

It's good to hear some public acknowledgment of that.

					  Your attitude is getting in the way of 
    me responding to them, or even caring about what you're bringing up.  If you 
    want to fix them, learn how to act on a public mailing list.

Fine.  Don't publicly insult people if you want to appear reasonable.
Yet every single piece of mail you've sent me so far as been insulting.

As you say, "Goes both ways."

								  Learn how to 
    reply to emails properly - your quoting is horrendous.

Please explain.
							    Learn how to state a 
    problem _succinctly_.  Do that, and everybody'll get along just fine.

The succint statements got flamey responses.

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