[mythtv-users] manual scheduling -> "no upcoming recordings"

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Fri Nov 4 15:44:07 EST 2005

Well, this is new & different.

So after my little debacle with Capture Cards, and discovering
(for example) that there's no way to DELETE a single card from
the list without nuking ALL of them and starting over (geez,
what happens if somebody moves a card to a different machine?
guess they just deserve to lose), I ran mythtv-setup, told it
to delete my capture cards, and set up the 4 in the machine on
unique /dev/videoN settings.  Then, after powering off the
machine for a while and back on:

(a) It still complains on boot about /dev/video4 not existing.
    (There used to be a 5th card.  Not at the moment.)  Who's
    caching this info?  I could post the logs if anyone wants.
(b) I went into Schedule Recordings -> Manual Schedule and wasted
    my time setting up 4 simultaneous recordings 5 minutes into the
    future, only to discover in "Upcoming Recordings" that it's
    claiming "You haven't yet scheduled any recordings."  WTF???
(c) I can repeat (b) at will.  Manual Schedule isn't actually doing
    anything any more.

So something just broke in this KnoppMyth R5A22.  I can't prove it was
related to flushing my capture cards and starting over, but I sure
have my suspicions.

Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before?

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