[mythtv-users] Multiple ATI Remote Wonders

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 13:16:54 EST 2005

On 11/4/05, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> Mercury Morris wrote:
> > I have now tried the command "irw", it reports absolutely nothing
> > during those times when the following line is in effect (in
> > /etc/modprobe.conf):
> >
> > options lirc_atiusb unique=1 debug=1 mask=0x0002
> >
> > I also tried mask=0x00FF - same results, still no "irw" output.
> >
> > I have also noticed that the codes received, as noted in the system log,
> > do not match the codes in /etc/lircd.conf. The codes are close,
> > differing in only one byte-position ( I checked only a few keys: 2 3 4
> 5).
> >
> > Does this mean I have to run the "irrecord" command again, and then
> > ADD the codes generated during that run to the codes already in
> > /etc/lircd.conf ?
> > Or, REPLACE the existing /etc/lircd.conf with the newly-generated set
> > of codes from re-running irrecord ?
> >
> > If re-running "irrecord" is required every time the unit code ID is
> > changed, my comment would be that changing IDs is not something I
> > would want to do every day, or every week, or even every month!
> >
> Where did you get your lircd.conf? If you got it from an older version
> of LIRC, it won't work...
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/157990#157990
> I generated the current lircd.conf using the "irreccord" command/program.

After generating it, I came across another file (don't remember exactly
that had basically the same codes in it. But, I preferred mine because I had
named the keys the way I wanted to code them in the file,


I'm beginning to see that changing unit code IDs is not as simple as I first
thought. Besides the "hand" key setup on the remote itself, I'm thinking
a specific lircd.conf must be created that matches that key setup. I've only
done the "irrecord" step once, over 90 days ago on July 31. All I remember
is that it was quite long and tedious, my notes taken then are really poor,
too thin to help me remember what I did. But, doing it again sems to be the
next step. This time, I'll take more detailed notes.

I'm really motivated to do this because it will allow me to build more
MythTV boxes, put them in other rooms, yet still control each one separately
with separate Remote Wonders.

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