[mythtv-users] Configuring GUI display for HD

Drew Zerdecki dzerdecki at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 11:39:05 EST 2005

     I am trying to get the Myth GUI and video to display correctly on my HDTV CRT TV (right now the desktop is too big).   Can anyone recommend a framework for doing so?  Should I first find a modeline so that X fits perfectly on the screen then proceed to tweak Myth's x,y offsets etc?  What is the best way to determine the best modeline?  I have used Powerstrip under XP and have found a good modeline for Windows, but when I copy this modeline to linux, the display is pretty far off.  I imagine this is due to differences in Nvidia's (fx5200) drivers between XP and linux.  Is there a Powerstrip type program for linux that would enable me to make slight adjustments to the resolution timings in real-time so I can see the resulting display as I tweak?

Sorry for all the questions and I appreciate any suggestions.

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