[mythtv-users] Re: MythTV Installer Usability: An Analysis

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Fri Nov 4 00:33:41 EST 2005

    Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 04:36:58 GMT
    From: cwatson at linkline.com

    :? Dude, you've describe nothing about "MyhtTV Installer" in this thread.  
    Issues w/ KnoppMyth should be posted KnoppMyth forum and NOT on the MythTV 
    mailing list. 

[As I just said over on the forum, paraphrasing...  And then I'll
stop pseudo-crossposting between them, which is no doubt poor form.]

I'm a little surprised to hear that the various issues of badly-done
mythtv-setup forms (and poor error checking); incorrect initial SQL
database population for two-machine setups; invisible text cursors in
network address boxes, clumsy and repeated timezone prompts; the
installer's ambiguous wording in remote choices; and so forth are
-all- KnoppMyth bugs and not upstream bugs in any of MythTV or
Knoppix, but if it's -really- true that you own all of these bugs,
sure, I should have posted the entire list there and not here.

Unfortunately, since you've said before building KnoppMyth is "all in
your head" and lacks a public manifest of what goes into it, or a
script that builds it, or the sort of project-management support (like
a repository and bugzilla) that would allow anyone else to help you
debug it, that translates into a very large workload for you that no
one else can help with, so I'm assuming I've misunderstood something.

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