[mythtv-users] Simultaneous recordings fail spectacularly---why? [part 1]

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Thu Nov 3 18:42:15 EST 2005

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu wrote:

>Oh, and one more data point:
>I tried scheduling a 10-minute recording on ch2 for 11:30-11:40,
>and a 10-minute recording on ch4 for 11:35-11:45.
>The first 5 minutes of the ch2 recording are fine.
>At 11:35, -BOTH- recordings started recording ch4!
>(And the one that started earlier showed a periodic pixellation into
>large chunks, about one per second or so, while doing so.)
>It's like Myth (or something) is losing track of which card is which
>and is just always using tuner 0.  [In fact, my first test like this
>showed ch4 in the second half of the "ch2" file and ch4 in the ch4
>file; my second test was to unplug the RF-in from all but the first of
>the 250's; -that- test also shows ch4 in the second half of the "ch2"
>file, and a zero-length "ch4" file.  So it really and truly is looking
>like tuner0 got commanded to switch to ch4, which is just totally wrong.]
Can  you send us the content of your capturecard table?



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