[mythtv-users] [Mostly OT] Pundit-R nvram-wakeup

Calvin Harrigan charriglists at bellsouth.net
Thu Nov 3 14:19:37 EST 2005

Oscar Curero wrote:

>I'm trying to configure the nvram-wakeup program to wakeup the pundit-r at any 
>time. Everything works more or less, but there's one thing that doesn't work: 
>every time I set the alarm I need to reboot it to let the BIOS read the new 
>alarm time.
>Is this a general problem of the pundits? Can it be solved with a BIOS update? 
>I haven't found a changelog or "what's new" about the BIOS. 
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I'm not sure why this is but a lot of motherboards, 2 of mine, have the 
same shortcoming. An Asus & MSI.
I have a little script that runs that determines whether a boot is a 
regular boot or a shutdown boot.  If interested let me know off list.

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