[mythtv-users] cidbcast mythudprelay and caller id on my laptop?

David Won daveshome at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 10:17:29 EST 2005

Ick. It's a windows program.
I'm on a new track now.
Using netcat I can do this.
netcat listen for UDP on port 6948.

nc -l -u -p 6948
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<mythnotify version="1"><container name="notify_cid_info"><textarea
name="notify_cid_line"><value>LINE #1</value></textarea><textarea
name="notify_cid_name"><value>NAME: JOE SCHMOE</value></textarea><textarea
name="notify_cid_num"><value>NUM : (301)
555-1212</value></textarea><textarea name="notify_cid_dt"><value>DATE: 11/3
TIME: 10:8</value></textarea></container></mythnotify>

Spits out the XML that is broadcast. Now all I have to do is strip out the
name and number and send it to osd right. Nope..... It only works for the
first connection. I have to restart netcat after each time.

>From the man page
"*-u* Use UDP instead of TCP. On most platforms, *nc* will behave as if

             a connection is established until it receives an ICMP packet
             indicating that there is no program listening to what it sends."

Now I have to figure out a way for netcat to start listening again.
getting there slowly but surely.


On 11/3/05, Dennis Hand <4hands at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >I'm currently using caller ID, cidbcast and mythudprelay to put the phone
> >caller onto myth's OSD. It works great. What I would like to figure out
> is
> >if anybody knows how to grab this broadcasted info and put it onto my
> laptop
> >or other desktops . I know cidbcast get's the caller ID info and
> broadcasts
> >it on port 6948. mythudprelay then recieves this info and translates it's
> >XML to an output XML that myth requires. mythtvosd then recieves this and
> >put's it on the screen for myth.
> >Since the info is being broadcast there should be a way to grab it and
> >display it with xosd on a desktop not currently running myth.
> >Any ideas?
> Try this out and see if it's what your looking for.
> http://thomas.lea.com/cidsystray.html
> Dennis
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