[mythtv-users] Lirc problems

Marty Ravell mythtv at rave-tech.com.au
Tue Nov 1 07:23:22 EST 2005

I started messing with my lirc config in order to get my serial transmitter
working and have somehow messed things up. Am wondering if these symptoms
ring bells for anyone.

If I use irrecord to build an lircd.conf file it seems to work. I can test
it with irw and most buttons (not all) work.

For some reason if I use the lircd.conf file suggested in Jarod's (most
excellent) guide I get nothing.

This same suggested lircd.conf used to work fine before I messed with

I don't recall exactly what it was I did when I was trying to get the serial
transmitter working. The box didn't start acting up until it was rebooted
(much later).

Any ideas where I start looking to track this down?

I've had a couple of goes getting irrecord to build a new file which will
work but it does not seem all that accurate. Some buttons just refuse to
work (1, 5, etc)

Any ideas?


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