[mythtv-users] tv programs that run long

Ian Trider iantri at gmail.com
Tue May 31 18:50:19 UTC 2005

> Your worried about loosing the last 60 seconds?????
> Excuse me for a moment while I burst out in a maniac-type laugh... ;-)
> Yesterday there was an article on "Today Tonight" claiming some shows
> go up to 30 minutes late here in Australia. I am not sure if I saw the
> entire article, it was running late...


Out of curiosity, why do Australian television stations have such
trouble running shows on time?

Here, on Canadian (and US) television, as is was said if a shows is 60
seconds off it is an extremely unusual circumstance; the schedules are
almost always accurate to within a few seconds.

Ian Trider
iantri at gmail.com

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