[mythtv-users] PVR-350 test-image fails

John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Tue May 31 11:36:52 UTC 2005

Is this for PAL or NTSC?
Sounds like you may be needing PAL but it's configured
for NTSC?
I'm not sure what version of ivtv you are using but
assuming it's recent then you can try adding the
ivtv_std paramanter to the options to force the
setting (ivtv_std=2 for pal). 
Note this is from memory since i'm at work but i think
that is the correct parameter name.

--- mythtv <mythtv at vigoer.com> wrote:
> Hope someone could give some inspiration on where to
> search. I still 
> cannot get the bars on the test_image (flickering
> image), and when 
> trying to use my perviously working xorg.conf, I
> just get 86 horisontal 
> white/gray lines. There is a very faint black
> stairlike pattern (6) 
> going from upper left to lower right. Anyone who has
> seen this phenomenon.
> Any help is appreciated :)
> Mogens
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