[mythtv-users] [PVR-500] Only scheduling on one tuner

Eric Schwartz emschwar at ericschwartz.us
Fri May 27 03:03:19 UTC 2005

Here's a weird one:  I have a PVR-500, using ivtv-0.3.3z and mythtv-0.17 
from ubuntu multiverse.  Both tuners are recognized by ivtv, and in fact 
I can watch live TV one one tuner while recording on the other, so I 
know I can use both tuners simultaneously (i.e., it's not a tweaky 
driver pretending there's two tuners when there's really only one).

However, for some reason, I can only seem to schedule recordings on one 
tuner at a time-- when I try to schedule two shows simultaneously, I get 
a conflict screen with only one show on it.  When I ran mythtv-setup, I 
set up one tuner as /dev/video0 with Tuner 0, and the other as 
/dev/video1 with Tuner 1.  I set them both up with the same video 
source.  I can't for the life of me figure out why myth would use both 
tuners, but only let me record on one.

I had this working once, but I can't figure out what it was that I did 
then that I'm not doing this time.  I reinstalled mainly to prove to 
myself that I did know what I was doing, but I'm definitely starting to 
regret it. :)

Any clues would be most welcome.



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